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Everyone Gets Approved For financing.


No Credit Check Financing

While any other financing company decides whom to finance, with our customer financing solution, you can finance all the customers / patients you wish to, because you are the Boss. So  patients / customers denied by other financing companies due to low credit scores or  no credit history can also be financed with your business.

As a result, Providers can now retain patients denied by other companies and hence improve practice revenue like never before.


Flexible Financing Terms

We know that nobody understands your business better than you. That is why  our service gives you the flexibility no other company does. With our customer financing solution, you can choose the down payment, duration, interest rate, late fee charges and everything else for your patients / customers to be  financed. 

This helps businesses offer different plans to patients / customers that suit their requirements.


Guaranteed Payments

You manage your business while we manage your customers payments. With  our service, Businesses get their payments on time, even when a customer / patient  fails to make the payment. Moreover, it lets you concentrate on your  customers / patients because your business is now Risk-Free.


Web & Mobile Applications

Our financing service  can be accessed using web and mobile applications both making it easy  to access anytime and anywhere. Whenever you have time, improve  productivity and check all your customer / patient financing statistics like  payment due, new patients financed etc.


Free Sign Up

There is no sign up, enrollment or membership fee with our service. The simple user interface & no paperwork involved makes signing up, adding  & financing customers / patients a completely hassle free process.  This financing service offered is for all businesses in North America except for the home and car sales / financing industry.

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Imagine never losing a customer again because they were unable to get the financing they needed in order to use your service.

Free request for information

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100% Approval Rate, No Credit Checks, and Affordable Monthly Payments For Your Customers.

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